• Animal Communication

  • Animal Communication is a telepathic connection between the practitioner and the animal companion.   Through this connection, we can glean information about how our animals are feeling (only when done in conjunction with a healing session), what they are thinking, any information or insight they may have for us, and can greatly assist in determining why certain behaviors may be manifesting. 

    We will require a picture of the animal companion facing forward, as well as a brief history of any issues you wish to resolve, birth date, name and other information.  We send the client a form to fill out and we will need this 24-48 hours prior to the session.  If the information is not received during this time frame, the session will be rescheduled.  We can work with you to reschedule.

    Sessions are conducted remotely and a transcript will be provided via email.  We do offer an additional service to discuss via a Zoom voice call.  Look under extras to find it!


  • 15 min Animal Communication

    15 min Session- $50
    (No emergency sessions)

    • 2-3 questions
    • Transcript provided via email.
  • 30 min Animal Communication Session

    30 minutes Session - $90
    (No emergency sessions)

    • 4-5 questions
    • Transcript provided via email.
  • Your Animal Companions Will Benefit

    Animal Communication sessions can give the discerning pet parent with a conduit for deepening their bond with their animals.  It can assist in mild behavioral issues as well as just provide peace of mind that our animal companions are happy and know that we love them.  Try our services today!  You will not be disappointed!

  • Have you ever wondered what your beloved animal companion is thinking?

    Animal Communication Sessions can provide you with exactly the answers you need!

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