• What energy clearing/healing modalities do you offer?

      We currently offer Trapped Emotion Release and Sound Balancing as we are getting back into the new normal of life without our guide Sylvie.  All healing modalities are offered for both humans and animal companions

      Soon we will again offer the AECT energy clearing system, which includes various flower essences and other remedies, crystals, chromotherapy and many more healing modalities. It is similar in concept to Reiki, all done energetically and over distance.

      We will also be offering Reiki Sessions, DNA Reprogramming Sessions and Akashic Records readings. Stay tuned!

    • What is animal communication?

      It is a telepathic conversation between the communicator and the animal companion.

    • What kind of services do you offer?

      We offer Animal Communication sessions of varying lengths, as well as Human and Animal Energy Healing sessions of various lengths.  We are working on adding packages of sessions that will offer our clients discounts on services.

    • Who is Solomon?

      Solomon is a local barred owl who lives here on Whidbey, and frequents our old growth Pine tree in our front yard.  He has become part of our healing team and is happy to lend his strength to us and our animal companions.  He has been a driving force with animal communication and healing for us.

    • Why don't you do sessions over the phone?

      For healing work, our preference is an instant messenger that we can correspond with the guardian of the animal companion, or the human (or caretaker, as we sometimes do sessions to comfort the critically ill).  For our animal communication, we will conduct the reading and send a transcript via messenger or email.  We are working on a telephone call add-in as an additional service in our scheduling system for those who would like a short discussion about the session.  Stay tuned!

    • What payment forms do you take?

      We accept any forms of payment through our booking system.  Personal checks not accepted at this time

    • Can you speak with any type of animal?

      Yes, we have successfully communicated with Deer, Owls, Cats, Dogs, Dragonflies, and many other types of animals!

  • Have you ever wondered what your beloved animal companion is thinking?

    Animal Communication Sessions can provide you with exactly the answers you need!

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