• Energy Clearing/Healing

  • Energy healing/clearing is done over distance and promotes self-healing by relaxing the body, releasing tensions and strengthening the immune system, along with energetically sending homeopathic remedies if indicated. Healing is natural and non-invasive with the intention of bringing the recipient into a state of balance and wellbeing on all levels and cannot hurt the human or animal companion.  Our healing sessions are multi-modality and follow the Our energy healings are multi-modality, and follow Lynn McKenzie's Animal Energy® system.  A transcript of the healing session is provided via messenger or email as part of the service.  We do offer an additional service to discuss via a Zoom voice call.  Look under extras to find it!



  • For Energy Healing Sessions, we will need the following

    • A clear and concise statement for the goal of the session.
    • Any diagnosis from your local vet or doctor.
    • A picture of yourself or your animal companion with the eyes facing forward.
    • A picture of your animal companion facing sideways that includes the tip of the nose through the tail or tail feathers.  For slithery friends, one can include a side view of the entire reptile.  (this is only necessary for animal companions, not human recipients).
  • Prices

    Animal Companions Humans
    $50 - 15 mins session $60 - 15 mins session
    Extended healing add $25 Extended healing add $25
    $90 - 30 mins session $100 - 30 mins session
    Extended healing add $25 Extended healing add $25
  • * Disclaimer

    * Energy healing is not a replacement for quality vet care or medical care.  We can enhance the services that your vet or doctor provides but in no way replace them.  Please consult a vet or doctor for any illness or discomfort that you or your animal companion may have!  We also do not provide assistance during emergencies.  Please consult your local emergency vet or doctor!

  • Helping your energy healing consultant

    • Please be sure to be honest and open regarding the goals of the session.  We do not diagnose illnesses, we merely work on the energy of the animal companion or human.
    • Please provide any information that may be important to the goal of the session.
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