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    Solomon's Soul Services
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     by Debbie Skillen
    So comforting to know the information received.

    Sabrina communicated with two of my beloved dogs in spirit.   It was so comforting to know that they enjoyed their lives with me.  Sabrina is a wonderful communicator, her professional knowledge is outstanding.

     by Michele L.
    Brina was wonderful , she gave me so much more information than what I expecting.

    She explained to me what I want plus more.  Thank you Sabrina, you were absolutely wonderful. Definitely would recommend you! You gave me so much great information. I'm grateful. Thank you!

     by Susi W.
    She brought up a couple of traits of Misty that were dead on that  you could only know if you'd met her in person.

    From the bottom of heart Sabrina Thank You🤗❤ My heart finally is at peace, and I can finally grieve losing Misty ❤💔 and her knowing just how much I Loved Her and Always Will Love Her❤❤   Thank you so much  Brina. Thank you for being there offering to help me and precious furbabies❤

    Saphy aka BugABug has been coming out  so much more after your sessions with her 😃 Shes gettin her "Braveness" back! She's  becoming "Little Miss BigGirl" more and more everyday!  Thank You❣
    ❤ Susi, BugABug an MistyMoo ❤

     by Neysa M.
    My girl is smiling and less anxious!

    This was my first time looking into something like this for my Jasmine girl. I just know that she has been a much calmer happier dog since. So that makes me happy!

     by Gail K.
    Highly Recommend!!

    Xenia has helped me more times than I can count starting with my very shy cat. Helping me choose my next pet and work with them to get along. She’s helped me with my rescue dog foster who I later adopted. And with all the dynamics with the three of them. The things she says they say always ring true to how they are. Along with communicating she also does healings for them. And for me. She maybe just starting out on this journey but I’ve worked with her for years as she is getting certified and he’s clearly intuitive and compassionate. I highly recommend her. I don’t know her sister directly but I know they are very close and if I needed to reach out to her I would definitely do so.

     by Lo (from Europe)
    Amazingly talented

    I don't know how to thank Sabrina and Xenia ! they gave me hope again when I thought all was lost... communication with my 2 cats was in such a loving way and incredibly helpful, thanks to their interventions and great care we have another chance to live happily together again🙏💖

     by Deborah Skillen
    Bonnie's more confident

    Xenia, listened very carefully to my concerns with Bonnie. Xenia addressed Bonnie's self esteem, she connected well with her and, I can see results. I am so very happy that Bonnie is now sticking up for herself! Thank You!

     by Deborah Skillen
    Sabrina connects with my cats so well it was truly amazing

    Grady is less aggressive and I now know what is bothering him. Sabrina did a wonderful job !! I will follow her advice.

     by Susi W.
    Great Healing

    I am so very grateful an thankful for your love and care of Moo❣ I have seen such a change in him since you worked with him. Bless you and thank you too!

    Xenia answered all my questions and my Moo is on the mend❣

     by Anne Heining Davies
    Healing and animal communication

    Sabrina and her sister did several healing sessions for myself and my two boxer dogs, communicating with both of them in the process. She gave me comforting and useful information and the healing sessions were beneficial to all of us, including helping me with my own animal healing and communication endeavours! I wouldn't hesitate to book her again : )

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